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Welcome aboard!

Driven by perfection: This is our moto. SKYLAIR Virtual Nordic Airways is all about taking virtual aviation to the next step as company, providing our pilots with all tools required to give their flights meaning, and to perform safe and accurate air service simulation. 
SKYLAIR is an official virtual airline at the International Virtual Aviation Organisation, being the only company in the Nordic Region to hold this status. 
Founded in November 2015, the company has gained notoriety within the flight-sim community only to reach official recognition in August 2018.
Proud member of the One Dream group as of July 2019.
Our goal is very straightforward: To create an efficient and comfortable environment for our admitted pilots and crew members to work with precision towards state-of-the-art quality operations, carrying our passengers safely to their destinations, while constantly growing as a company.
SKYLAIR Virtual Nordic Airways is a multi-national company based in Northern Europe, having Sweden, Norway and Finland as hub-countries. In order to fly in, to or from this area a pilot needs a very special set of skills to be able to safely work with the Nordic Region´s unforgiving weather, shorter runways, and breathtaking steep mountain approaches. That´s why we count with a ranking system where our pilots work their way up, gaining prestige and experience. 
Formed by people with real ties to aviation, SKYLAIR is always striving for new challenges and greatness. Join the wings of the flying viking!

Rodrigo Rezende


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About our main Hubs

Stockholm Arlanda
Göteborg Landvetter
Oslo Gardermoen
Helsinki Vantaa

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